Posted by: Gregory Linton | 11/12/2018

NCES provides “First Look” at higher education enrollment for fall 2017

Screenshot_2018-11-12 Enrollment and Employees in Postsecondary Institutions, Fall 2017; and Financial Statistics and Acade[...]Last week, the National Center for Education Statistics released a preliminary report on higher education for fall 2017 that based on the spring 2018 IPEDS data collection from 6,502 institutions and 70 administrative offices in the United States. The report focuses on four topics: enrollment, employees, financial statistics, and academic libraries. An article in Inside Higher Ed that focuses on online enrollment data from the report can be found here.  I have listed below some of the interesting findings concerning enrollment:

  • 20.1 million students were enrolled at Title IV institutions.
  • Overall postsecondary enrollment dropped by 88,910 students (-0.44%) from fall 2016 to fall 2017.
  • 17.1 million students were undergraduates, and 3.0 million were graduate students.
  • 56.8% of all students were women, and 43.2% were men.
  • 55.8% of 4-year undergraduates were women; 1.25 million more women than men were enrolled.
  • 59.4% of graduate students were women; 565,000 more women than men were enrolled.
  • 50.4% of students were White; 17.3% were Hispanic/Latino; 12.4% were Black; and 6.1% were Asian.
  • The retention rate for first-time degree/certificate-seeking undergraduate students enrolled full time in fall 2016 and still enrolled in fall 2017 was 81.4% at 4-year, private nonprofit institutions.
  • 19.1% of all students enrolled at 4-year, private nonprofit institutions were enrolled exclusively in distance education courses, an increase of 8.21% from fall 2016. 9.5% were enrolled in some, but not all, distance education courses (an increase of 6.59%), and 71.4% were not enrolled in any distance education courses (a decrease of 1.89%).

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