Posted by: Gregory Linton | 08/08/2011

The Benefits of a College Degree Keep Accumulating

The College Payoff.

This new study by Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce details the benefits that result from a college degree. One of the most striking statistics here is that people with a bachelor’s degree make 84 percent more over a lifetime than high school graduates. Combine this fact with another fact that I mentioned in an earlier post: In June 2011, only 4.5% of the civilian population with a college degree was unemployed. By contrast, 10% of those with no college experience and 13% of those with no high school diploma were unemployed. These statistics show that the current problems with unemployment have barely touched the college-educated.

My father, who was born in 1925, never finished high school. Through integrity, competence, and a strong work ethic, he eventually became the manager of a grain elevator, bought the business, and then retired when he was 58. I was the first in my family, going back generations, to earn a college degree. He and I had several conversations in which he argued that college degrees were overvalued. After all, he was very successful without the benefit of one. I think stories like his are very rare these days and will become less common as time passes. I am already beating this into the heads of my second-grade boys. If you want to have more employment and career options and if you want to earn a decent living that frees you from financial anxiety, you must go to college. And besides, it will be the best four years of your life! I think they are buying into it, but time will tell.


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