Posted by: Gregory Linton | 10/25/2019

College Board publishes results of SAT for class of 2019

Last week, the College Board released its annual report on SAT results for the class of 2019. Here is a summary of the key statistics:

  • 2.2 million students took the SAT, the highest number ever.
  • The mean score was 1059, down from 1068 for the class of 2018.
  • Male test takers averaged 1066, and females averaged 1053.
  • Asian test takers averaged 1223, White test takers averaged 1114, Hispanic/Latino test takers averaged 978, and Black/African American test takers averaged 933.
  • 45% of test takers met both college readiness benchmarks (480 for Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and 530 for Math).
  • 75% of Asian test takers met both college readiness benchmarks; 57% of White test takers met both; 29% of Hispanic/Latino test takers met both; and 20% of Black/African American test takers met both.
  • 30% of test takers met no college readiness benchmarks.
  • 68% of test takers met the readiness benchmark for Reading and Writing, but only 48% met the benchmark for Math.
  • Mean SAT scores of students whose parents did not attend any college decreased 12 points from 2018 to 2019.
  • Over 2/3 of all test takers first take the SAT in 11th grade, but low-income students are more likely to take it as seniors.
  • Low-income students are far less likely to retake the SAT even though they see larger score increases that their higher-income peers when they retake it and their likelihood of enrolling in a four-year college goes up by 30 percentage points.

As InsideHigherEd reports, the National Center for Fair and Open Testing (FairTest) claims that the SAT measures a test taker’s family background more than his or her capacity to do college-level work. Because of the perceived unfairness of the test, 47 colleges and universities stopped requiring applicants to send standardized test scores last year alone. About 40 percent of all four-year colleges and universities (more than 1,000) no longer require applicants to send test scores.

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