Posted by: Gregory Linton | 08/09/2019

Higher Ed Resource of the Week: Connected Teaching: Relationship, Power, and Mattering in Higher Education

In 2014, the Gallup-Purdue Index Report, based on data received from 30,000, identified six key college experiences that contribute to long-term success, engagement in the workplace, and a sense of well-being. Three of the six focused on the relationship between the student and a professor:

  • I had a mentor who encouraged me to pursue my goals and dreams.
  • I had at least one professor who made me excited about learning.
  • My professors cared about me as a person.

Connected Teaching coverThese findings show that, if professors want to make an impact on the future of their students, they must connect with them relationally and not just intellectually. A book released by Stylus Publishing on May 14 provides guidance for how to do that. Connected Teaching: Relationship, Power, and Mattering in Higher Education by Harriet L. Schwartz applies the concepts of Relational Cultural Theory (RCT) to teaching as a relational practice. RCT believes that engaging in growth-fostering interactions and relationships is essential to human development. Schwarz encourages faculty members to seek relationships with students, understand their own socio-cultural identity, and recognize the role of emotion in the learning process.

Schwartz is professor of psychology and counseling at Carlow University. She is also Lead Scholar for Education as Relational Practice for the Jean Baker Miller Training Institute. The 192-page book has nine chapters. It is available on Amazon for $32.50 or in Kindle format for $25.99.

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