Posted by: Gregory Linton | 06/21/2019

Higher Ed Resource of the Week: Cracks in the Ivory Tower

CracksReleased by Oxford University Press on May 1, Cracks in the Ivory Tower: The Moral Mess of Higher Education offers a scathing indictment of the higher education industry. The authors are Jason Brennan, Flanagan Family Professor at Georgetown University, and Phillip Magness, Senior Research Fellow at the American Institute for Economic Research in Great Barrington, MA. This book claims to provide a comprehensive account of why higher education is dysfunctional. The authors offer evidence that most higher education marketing is deeply immoral and deceptive. They argue that colleges and universities fail to deliver what they promise. Faculty members exploit students for tuition dollars through general education requirements. Students, professors, and administrators are all guided by self-interest rather than ethical concerns. If you want to know everything that is wrong with higher education, this is the book to read. The 336-page book is for sale on Amazon for $28.45 and in Kindle format for $19.99.

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