Posted by: Gregory Linton | 11/12/2018

Higher Ed Resource of the Week: How to Run a College

How to run a collegeThe book that I want to highlight this week was released by Johns Hopkins University Press in January of this year. It is part of the excellent series titled Higher Ed Leadership Essentials, which are concise paperbacks on various topics written by respected experts in the field. The book is titled How to Run a College: A Practical Guide for Trustees, Faculty, Administrators, and Policymakers. Co-author Brian C. Mitchell was president of Bucknell University & Washington & Jefferson college, and co-author W. Joseph King is president of Lyon College.

The authors are optimistic about the future of residential colleges as long as they remain relevant by drawing on their strengths of experimentation and innovation. Faculty members will appreciate their emphasis on becoming dynamic centers of learning that focus on core educational strategies. The 216-page book is available for $25.86 on Amazon or $15.37 in Kindle format.

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