Posted by: Gregory Linton | 10/30/2018

Higher Ed Resource of the Week: 33 Simple Strategies for Faculty

Starting this week, a new feature included in Higher Education Pedagogy & Policy will be a highlight of a recently published book in higher education that may be of interest to professors and administrators. Note that I will not have necessarily read these books myself.

This week, I want to highlight33 Simple Strategies for Faculty the just-released book by Lisa M. Nunn titled 33 Simple Strategies for Faculty: A Week-by-Week Resource for Teaching First-Year and First-Generation Students. Dr. Nunn, who is an educational sociologist at the University of San Diego in California, developed these 33 strategies as a result of a research study that she carried out with 67 students at a large, public research university and a medium-sized, religiously affiliated university in California. This 156-page guidebook is a tool kit laid out in a 15-week format that provides concrete tools and strategies for promoting the academic success and well-being of first-year students, especially first-generation students. The book is available for $13.89 on Amazon.


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