Posted by: Gregory Linton | 09/09/2011

Oregon Ignores the Gender Gap in Education

Richard Whitmire: U.S. Ignoring Boys?.

Whitmire shows in this post that when Oregon announced that 6,800 high school seniors would not receive a diploma because they failed a reading test, they did not mention that a thousand more boys than girls were included in those numbers. Again and again, government officials and the media fail to provide the gender breakdown of statistics like these, and so they hide the fact that bad news is always more about the boys than the girls. Is this intentional and malicious? Or does it result from ignorance? Whatever the motivation, it prevents the public from being informed enough to pressure their government and education officials to address this problem honestly.

As Whitmire suggests and as I have suggested in previous posts, the social consequences of this gender gap are distressing. For example, the lack of educated males is a major contributor to the high unemployment numbers, but you would never know that from government or media reports.

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