Posted by: Gregory Linton | 09/20/2010

News articles re: video games and learning

To follow up on my previous posts about the effects of video games on learning, I want to provide links to a couple of recent articles about this topic.

Bower, B. (2010, September 13). Video mayhem enlivens decision making. ScienceNews. This brief article reports on an article published in Current Biology on September 14, 2010. The article summarizes a study that showed playing “action-packed video games strengthens a person’s ability to translate sensory information quickly into accurate decisions.” And the study showed that the same effect applies to bother genders.

Corbett, S. (2010, September 15). Learning by playing: Video games in the classroom. The New York Times Magazine. This lengthy feature article reports on the innovative approach of a noncharter public school in New York City called Quest to Learn, which “is organized specifically around the idea that digital games are central to the lives of today’s children and also increasingly, as their speed and capability grow, powerful tools for intellectual exploration.” This annual Education Issue of The New York Times Magazine, published on September 19, 2010, may contain other articles of interest to educators.

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